what can i say about this vampire. he is handsome , he makes my unbeating heart beat. he didnt aways do this at first i just wanted him dead or gone. he just wouldnt leave me. i guess that was a good thing. he is and was a killer of humans. not so much today because he can do things that most vampires cannot. i will not give this away because you all need to read brigittes book to find out,

i just like to to say that in my world we see things differently than others. i have sat at the local cafe and listened to other. what people are worried about today would be a small thing back in my time. your president may not be who you thought he was but are they ever. you could have had some of the tzar we had then moving into the usa we had some good presidents and some not so good. when you have money you can get whatever you want.

if you dont then you have to pay all out to get the common things like food shelter and other things. why has this changed so much.

if the hunams could see that things would be better if all got together and said we will not take it any more stand up for our rights and this great country and world before it is to late. brigitte you may want to post something like this on your facebook sight see what you get… anna


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