the forest

when i am standing in front of the forest cave looking out over this country, i can see it beauty.  i want to move away from here to another part of my life but i dont know how.

i look around and see the darkened skys and the light clouds of the coming rains. i walk towards the man that i now know i am falling for and am wondering if two vampires can make a happy like with. i really need to figure out my powers and what i will do with them.

i am to be the queen of both the vampires and the witchs. how do i do this and keep my new friends and family safe. what a way to have your life come to you. knowing that you will not die anytime soon unles you are careless then your life will end.

i hav some plan for the haven when we move to the united states. i want us all to see the world and not just siberia. this will be home but we need to see other places.

i know that one day Garick and i will return to our homeland. right now it has been a few hundred years and alot has changed.

for now b;essed be , Anna



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