i am here

hi all its anna. i am stopping by to see how things are going and to see if brigitte might need some help. well i see that she may.

i will have to speak to her later. right now some more interesting details on my life..

i didnt like Garick when we first meet. he was a bad vampire in my eyes. he needed to be punished.

all i know is that he grew on me. maybe the waterfall maybe not.. will not give away to much of brigittes book but….

i am looking forward to seeing what she does with her second book. i want to see my story in print and the second right behind the first.

minnette asked what we could do to write like a man. that is hard. Garick can be mean spritied when he wants to. some men might be able to write as a woman better .. we will all have to see.. thanks by for nnow  anna.



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