i brigitte would like to see what the world may have to offer me. i am 41 looking for something and someone. i am not working right now because i couldnt stay where i was. to many things not right. but now i am scared that i will not find something. then with my book it is being marketed but i am worried that it will not be good enough.  yes sometimes the world around me gets to me. it keeps moving and right now i feel like i am standing still. i did feel better when i won a necklace from minnette and then again i won a gift card also. it made me feel like there are real people out there in the world.. thank you all for being friends… i know i made this blog to be about my book and i just needed a place to be myself and let my charaters have a voice. lol i know that might sound crazy but it seems to be fun. plus it helps me write more on the second book.. brigitte


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