the world

i see things that others do not and sometime is scares me. i want to see good in everyone and everything but how do you do this.. well for me i try to write when i can. i have made some great friends in the writing community and i hope that when my first book comes out that they will like it. i am scared to have others read it because what if its not good. that would just hurt, but we all have to take the good with the bad.
i am going to try to post here every day and maybe more as myself and as my main charater Anna. she will amaze you with what she knows and what she learns every day.
i hope to show you into my world of vampires and witchs.
witchs pagans please dont take offence to anything i have written or will write. i am a practicing pagan so i have tried to show the world we are good people….. hope to see you all here..


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