well yesterday was extremely hot here in maine. i cant wait for the weather to get a little cooler. dont get me wrong i dont want winter but something just cooler.

i have been a little down lately i cant seem to get my head on straight when it comes to my second book. i will have to get back into  writing again. i just started a new job that will be a killer on my body. but it is work that i need. now if my book would take off and give a little bit of money. but alas i am still waiting for the release date.



the tsars

am also reading a book called THE TSARINA’S DAUGHTER by carolly erickson. this book is telling the story tsar nicholis is as ll and tsarina alexandra. if you like books about this era then this is a must read. it gives you facts about these people that you may not have known. there daughter tania as she was called became a prominite figure in this time period and some of the things she does to survive are great.

next set of books are THE CHILD 44 by tom rob smith. wow you will love this book. you will noy be able to put it down until you have finished. it shows the hard life of russian people thru the eyes of someone with a great secret, that even he doesnt remember until its almost to late. the second book is just as great …. i am looking forward to the third one..


in the garden of beasts

i am reading this book about the family dodds that went to germany  during the nazy era. this family are or where american ambassador in 1933. if you want to read a book about germany thru the eyes of america then pick this book up. it is very good. you learn that not all bad men are bad but the ones that are where more than cruel and the fact that in the usa we didnt believe this was happening at first..

plus if you want to read a book about the camps and the power of wanting to survive pick up milkweed.. you will want to cry, get angry and then want to help the boys run…




what can i say about this vampire. he is handsome , he makes my unbeating heart beat. he didnt aways do this at first i just wanted him dead or gone. he just wouldnt leave me. i guess that was a good thing. he is and was a killer of humans. not so much today because he can do things that most vampires cannot. i will not give this away because you all need to read brigittes book to find out,

i just like to to say that in my world we see things differently than others. i have sat at the local cafe and listened to other. what people are worried about today would be a small thing back in my time. your president may not be who you thought he was but are they ever. you could have had some of the tzar we had then moving into the usa we had some good presidents and some not so good. when you have money you can get whatever you want.

if you dont then you have to pay all out to get the common things like food shelter and other things. why has this changed so much.

if the hunams could see that things would be better if all got together and said we will not take it any more stand up for our rights and this great country and world before it is to late. brigitte you may want to post something like this on your facebook sight see what you get… anna

the forest

when i am standing in front of the forest cave looking out over this country, i can see it beauty.  i want to move away from here to another part of my life but i dont know how.

i look around and see the darkened skys and the light clouds of the coming rains. i walk towards the man that i now know i am falling for and am wondering if two vampires can make a happy like with. i really need to figure out my powers and what i will do with them.

i am to be the queen of both the vampires and the witchs. how do i do this and keep my new friends and family safe. what a way to have your life come to you. knowing that you will not die anytime soon unles you are careless then your life will end.

i hav some plan for the haven when we move to the united states. i want us all to see the world and not just siberia. this will be home but we need to see other places.

i know that one day Garick and i will return to our homeland. right now it has been a few hundred years and alot has changed.

for now b;essed be , Anna


i brigitte would like to see what the world may have to offer me. i am 41 looking for something and someone. i am not working right now because i couldnt stay where i was. to many things not right. but now i am scared that i will not find something. then with my book it is being marketed but i am worried that it will not be good enough.  yes sometimes the world around me gets to me. it keeps moving and right now i feel like i am standing still. i did feel better when i won a necklace from minnette and then again i won a gift card also. it made me feel like there are real people out there in the world.. thank you all for being friends… i know i made this blog to be about my book and i just needed a place to be myself and let my charaters have a voice. lol i know that might sound crazy but it seems to be fun. plus it helps me write more on the second book.. brigitte

i am here

hi all its anna. i am stopping by to see how things are going and to see if brigitte might need some help. well i see that she may.

i will have to speak to her later. right now some more interesting details on my life..

i didnt like Garick when we first meet. he was a bad vampire in my eyes. he needed to be punished.

all i know is that he grew on me. maybe the waterfall maybe not.. will not give away to much of brigittes book but….

i am looking forward to seeing what she does with her second book. i want to see my story in print and the second right behind the first.

minnette asked what we could do to write like a man. that is hard. Garick can be mean spritied when he wants to. some men might be able to write as a woman better .. we will all have to see.. thanks by for nnow  anna.


hot hot and humid

good morning all. i am waiting for the heat wave for today. i just hope that it will not be to bad. lol….

i really hate looking for a job. it is so taxing. i just hope i find something soon.

i wish i could just stay home and write my books but that isnt going to work.

well all i had better go out and look again.. be back later.. brigitte

the world

i see things that others do not and sometime is scares me. i want to see good in everyone and everything but how do you do this.. well for me i try to write when i can. i have made some great friends in the writing community and i hope that when my first book comes out that they will like it. i am scared to have others read it because what if its not good. that would just hurt, but we all have to take the good with the bad.
i am going to try to post here every day and maybe more as myself and as my main charater Anna. she will amaze you with what she knows and what she learns every day.
i hope to show you into my world of vampires and witchs.
witchs pagans please dont take offence to anything i have written or will write. i am a practicing pagan so i have tried to show the world we are good people….. hope to see you all here..